Thursday, October 8, 2009

Flow Chart of Wishes

I am stuck at the University, so I am playing with a flow chart maker, here are a few things I like - in flow chart form.

I love DMC Satin Cross Stitch Floss, and I have NONE of it anymore (hint, hint...)
I need anything for cross stitch, and Crochet, as I borrowed all I used to have and had to give it back when I moved.
I love Moss Green, hunter green, any rich green. Creame colours and the British and Canadian Spelling of words (as I am a Canadian).
I love Kinder chocolate. Love it. Though I am not crazy about any other kind of cholate really, I am a vanilla person.
I don't burn candles, and I hate herbel tea. But I love black teas, Irish Breakfast is my fav.
I love Celtic music and the bagpipes.
Syltherin is my favorite House, but I love to read and learn. I secretly like the Number 1 Ladies Detective Agency.
I am in the Canadian Air Force and attend a University in the Great White North!