Monday, November 30, 2009

The OWL has flown the coop...

Stellwa Quin, I hope you keep your window's clear - my OWL will be swooping by in a few days with the parcel. It is officially SENT! Yay! Now, I hope my Spoiler can send my parcel soon...I am so impatient!

PS The Owl Bites

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Tomorrow, I am sending my little OWL out to Stellwa Quinn, I do hope she likes it!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


As a Canadian, I am thankful it has not snowed where I live yet, that is hasn't snowed and stayed.

As every Canadian knows, thanksgiving is in October. The proper month for thanks - far enough away from Christmas, and a few green plants are usually hanging on. If we, like my American friends to the south, held ours in November- there would be absolutly nothing to celebrate - a bleak, usually snow covered landscape, with everyone beginning to hibernate. Now, I don't mean to sound like a Thanksgiving scrouge, but I am trully thankful that our Thanksgiving is in October - what a beautiful month in Canada. Bright red maple leaves, and crisp apples everywhere.

In October, I celebrate - my close military family and friends who are intrigual in my life. I celebrate my home, which is warm and inviting, my skills, and my fortune. I love to make Thanksgiving dinner, at 20, I have only cooked a few birds, but all were (mostly) edible.

To all the American's out there, Happy Thanksgiving, and enjoy the turkey - you may think you will be eating it forever, but it never lasts...

My OWL is anxious to fly...

Alright, All of my projects are done for my Spoilee...and I was just waiting on one itty, bitty, little piece to be delievered to me, and it arrived. Unfortuantly, I was at work when it did, all that was left on my porch was one of those 'you were not home' notes and I have to pick it up at such and such a time at such and such a place. Now, on my way home, I needed to pick up a few grocery's, so I did. By the time I got home, it was about 4:45, and I had discovered the note, I had to pick it up by 5:00, so I hoped back on my broom and tried to get to the deliever place. I think you know where I am going with this - I didn't make it. I think my broom needs a tune-up.

Leaving at lunch to pick up the last Spoilee gift, and then pack everything away. Fingers crossed that I can get everything packed by Friday, to send my package off!

Saraid Swiftrunner

Friday, November 13, 2009


Winnie, oh, Winnie, I do believe you are in Dubai. I do hope you brought your sunscreen! I am not sure, but did she fly off to Egypt, after?

Happy Travels!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

SWAP Progress

Tomorrow is Remembrance Day, and all the preperations have been a great time steal on my final crochet project. It is comming along beautifully - I do hope Stellwa likes what I have done! This one is a colour that rhymes with _________.

I do hope, the WWW, is up in the next day or so - so I can quickly get a blog post in about it nice and early in the week - otherwise Saturday is going to be a total wash (I'm not home at all, not even near a computer, camping will do that to you, and yes, I am going camping in Noevember!)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Oh no,

My internet pooped out on me this week, and of course I procrastinated on the Where is Winnie challenge, oh, no. Must make a new effort next week and insure I do it the day it is isued.

I recieved bad news today, my Spoiler, Perelle, must undergo surgery - I wish her a speedy recovery. And I am so glad she has help at home and she will not be dropping out of the SWAP, meaning she will still recieve a package from her Spoiler.

Well, I should really hop on my broom and get crocheting - those self-stitching spells don't last long y'know! My spoilee's second project is nearing the's a __________.