Wednesday, November 18, 2009


As a Canadian, I am thankful it has not snowed where I live yet, that is hasn't snowed and stayed.

As every Canadian knows, thanksgiving is in October. The proper month for thanks - far enough away from Christmas, and a few green plants are usually hanging on. If we, like my American friends to the south, held ours in November- there would be absolutly nothing to celebrate - a bleak, usually snow covered landscape, with everyone beginning to hibernate. Now, I don't mean to sound like a Thanksgiving scrouge, but I am trully thankful that our Thanksgiving is in October - what a beautiful month in Canada. Bright red maple leaves, and crisp apples everywhere.

In October, I celebrate - my close military family and friends who are intrigual in my life. I celebrate my home, which is warm and inviting, my skills, and my fortune. I love to make Thanksgiving dinner, at 20, I have only cooked a few birds, but all were (mostly) edible.

To all the American's out there, Happy Thanksgiving, and enjoy the turkey - you may think you will be eating it forever, but it never lasts...

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