Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Flight Time

Hopes and Pray's that I am chosen for the Magpies - I adore Midnight Black's and Crisp Whites. Actually, I know I am a rookie Quidditch Player (my very first year trying out for the Sock Swap) I hope I can just get on a team!

I am Sariad Swiftrunner, a Canadian witch with as great Keeper Skills as Crochet Skills (an avid Rookie at both!) . I am currently being mentored by a wonderful Crocheter (?) and have just made my first pair of mits. Looking forwards to a season of crafting and Quidditch! I am a seasoned Cross Stitcher and hope I can find the time to make matching cross stitch patches for her Swap Kit.

For the Muggles - This is my blog for the Hogwarts Sock Kit Swap 9. I stumbled upon earlier swaps and wanted to do the Summer Camp Swap but was on my BMQ course so I am trying this one. Looks like fun - here's the link! http://hskswap9.blogspot.com/

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