Monday, January 4, 2010

My Package!

Alright, while this lovely little OWL arrived at my door almost 2 weeks ago - I tried and I tried to get the little Owl to take off again and fly back to Pernelle where it would be nice and warm again.

But at last, I have pictures to show, and yarn to snuggle with over the Canadian winter that has stubbornly arrived.

Let's start at the beginning

I would have posted a pic of the package and the wee 'ittle Owls drawn on it, but I after uploading it I noticed sensitive addresses and names on the label - I thought for protection against Dark Wizards. But I thought the Owls on the package were adorable.

I am spoiled - look! Everything in Green tissue paper!

I am utterly unskilled at rotating pics - I always forget before putting them on the blog. Look at all those lovely lttle objects - I had a field day opening everything. From yarn, to a stash of hooks, and my FAVORITE TEA OF ALL TIME (yay!) and the Limited Edition, Official Arrows Project Bag with a perfectly Quidditch appropriate Blue and Silver Quilt Snitch on it. This is fantastic - I needed a Crochet Bag - yay!

Hooks and Hooks Galore! Lovely, and the patterns Pernelle sent are so inticing - the Owl mitts are already started. Oh, and I cross stitch, and I was sent fantastic Satin Floss - that are soon to be incorporated into a lovely Hogwarts Crest Cross stitch.

Candy cuteness - this now holds my stitch markers - this was just to cute!

Did I mention I like Irish Breakfast Tea - I do, I love it - Perenelle - you are the BEST!!
BTW, those cookies are delicious, and I can't get them here :( They are so good.

Yarn. Yarn. Yarn. It's so yummy and in my favorite colours (mind the U) and in lovely muted tones - these are perfect - too generous.

Perenelle - you are a gifted Spoiler - I loved the kit - I loved the yarn, the project bag, and every little tidbit in the package. THANKS!

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